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Image by Anastasia Taioglou


The Good Wave Project’s mission is to help EVERYONE get to the beach and SURF! Our Programs are designed to promote safety, fun, wellness, and connection to others and the environment. We strive “to make a better world through surfing and to promote, develop and lead surfing in all its forms worldwide while connecting the global surfing community and driving accessibility and universal participation”. -International Surfing Association (ISA)

Our Team’s vision expands beyond the waves! Our goal is to give back to the community through Beach Clean Ups, Recycled Art Workshops, Surf Wellness Workshops, our Pay It Forward Program, fundraising events and more!

We strive to help break down barriers that may prevent people from enjoying movement activities and to help broaden the idea of what surfing is and who our surfers are. We strive to promote safety, inclusion, fun, wellness, and connection to ourselves, others, and the environment in everything we do.

Our Mission: Quote
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