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Serial Code Dbf Manager 2.58.284

SNM solution is a software product, meaning that it is not a stand-alone program but instead is part of a larger system of products that comprises a business solution.SNM solution is built on three platforms: Transaction Management, eCommerce and serial code management.The SNM Transaction Management software provides both transactional (such as order management) and strategic functions (such as key management) for a companys software licensing.Transaction management for software licenses (like inventory management for goods) is a specialized set of functions designed to track and manage a companys product activation, usage, and license information.The final platform, serial code management, is a set of functions that are able to manage the serial numbers assigned to a companys product.

serial code dbf manager 2.58.284

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Inventory Management for the smallest form factor cases, for example, is typically no longer managed as a separate asset class, but instead that asset is managed within the Case inventory. With Serial Number Management for Cases this is a common approach. The advantage is that the serial number can be uniquely defined, usually tied to a physical product, but can be managed with both Case and Physical inventory entities (for example, if you have a requirement that the Case serial numbers be managed separately from the Physical inventory, you can declare both Serial Numbers for Cases as distinct entities, then apply the rules for how to assign them to inventory groups and other cases. Once that is done, any physical Case can be released to the manufacturing floor and placed into service where any serial number can be assigned.


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