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Unciv: A Free and Open Source Remake of Civ V for iOS and Android

Unciv: A Free, Open-Source Remake of Civilization V

If you are a fan of turn-based strategy games, you might have heard of Civilization V, one of the most popular and acclaimed titles in the genre. But did you know that there is a free, open-source remake of Civilization V that you can play on your iOS device? It's called Unciv, and it's a faithful recreation of the original game with some added features and improvements. In this article, we will tell you what Unciv is, how to download and play it on iOS, and some tips and tricks for enjoying this amazing game.

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What is Unciv?

Unciv is an open-source 2D remake of Civilization V for Android, iOS, and desktop platforms. It was developed by Yair Morgenstern and other volunteers on GitHub, using the cross-platform framework libGDX. The game is in active development and can be completed; it supports all the possible victory conditions in Civilization V, such as science, culture, domination, diplomacy, and time. It also has most of the features present in the Gods & Kings expansion, except for espionage, and some features from the Brave New World expansion, such as trade routes and world congress.

Features of Unciv

Unciv offers a similar gameplay experience to Civilization V, but with some differences and advantages. Here are some of the features of Unciv that make it stand out:

  • It's free and open-source. You can download and play Unciv without paying anything, and you can also contribute to its development or modify it as you wish.

  • It's moddable. You can create your own civilizations, units, buildings, wonders, maps, scenarios, and more using the built-in modding tools or external editors. You can also download and play mods made by other players from the in-game mod manager.

  • It's fast and lightweight. Unciv runs smoothly on most devices, even low-end ones. It also has a small file size and low battery consumption.

  • It's cross-platform. You can play Unciv on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac. You can also play multiplayer games with other players across different platforms using Dropbox for syncing.

  • It's customizable. You can adjust various settings to suit your preferences, such as graphics quality, sound volume, language, autosave frequency, difficulty level, game speed, map size, number of players, etc.

How to download and play Unciv on iOS

If you want to play Unciv on your iOS device, you will need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Install TestFlight

TestFlight is an app that allows you to test beta versions of apps before they are released on the App Store. You will need TestFlight to download and play Unciv on iOS.

To install TestFlight, go to this link on your iOS device and tap on "View in App Store". Then tap on "Get" to download and install TestFlight.

Step 2: Join the Unciv beta testing program

After installing TestFlight, you will need to join the Unciv beta testing program to get access to the latest version of the game.

To join the program, go to this link on your iOS device and tap on "Start Testing". Then tap on "Accept" to agree to the terms and conditions. Then tap on "Install" to download Unciv on your device.

Step 3: Download and launch Unciv

Once you have downloaded Unciv, you can launch it from your home screen or from TestFlight. You will see a splash screen with the Unciv logo and a loading bar. Wait for the game to load and then tap on the screen to start playing.

You can choose to play a single-player game, a multiplayer game, a tutorial, or a scenario. You can also access the settings, the mod manager, the map editor, and the credits from the main menu.

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Tips and tricks for playing Unciv

Unciv is a complex and challenging game that requires strategic thinking and planning. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you master the game and achieve victory:

Choose your civilization wisely

Unciv has 46 civilizations to choose from, each with its own unique abilities, units, buildings, and wonders. Some civilizations are better suited for certain victory conditions than others, so you should pick one that matches your playstyle and goals.

For example, if you want to win by science, you might want to play as Babylon, Korea, or China, which have bonuses for research and technology. If you want to win by culture, you might want to play as France, Brazil, or India, which have bonuses for culture and tourism. If you want to win by domination, you might want to play as Mongolia, Zulu, or Germany, which have bonuses for combat and conquest.

Expand your empire strategically

In Unciv, you can build cities on any tile that is not occupied by another city or a natural wonder. However, you should not build cities randomly or too close to each other. You should consider factors such as terrain, resources, happiness, culture, and defense when choosing where to settle.

For example, you should try to build cities near rivers, lakes, coasts, or mountains, which provide food, production, gold, or science bonuses. You should also try to build cities near strategic or luxury resources, which can boost your military or happiness levels. You should avoid building cities near tundra, desert, or jungle tiles, which have low yields and can slow down your growth.

Focus on science and culture

Science and culture are two of the most important aspects of Unciv. Science allows you to research new technologies that unlock new units, buildings, wonders, and policies. Culture allows you to adopt social policies that grant various benefits and bonuses for your civilization.

You should try to increase your science and culture output as much as possible by building libraries, universities, public schools, research labs, monuments, temples, opera houses, museums, and broadcast towers. You should also try to get great scientists and great artists, who can boost your science and culture with their special abilities.

Trade with other civilizations and city-states

Trade is another vital aspect of Unciv. Trade can provide you with gold, resources, science, culture, and diplomatic relations. You can trade with other civilizations by sending trade routes, making deals, or joining the world congress. You can also trade with city-states by sending trade routes, giving gifts, or completing quests.

You should try to establish as many trade routes as possible, especially with civilizations or city-states that have different resources or ideologies than you. This can increase your diversity and happiness levels, as well as your influence and reputation. You should also try to make fair and mutually beneficial deals with other civilizations, such as exchanging resources, gold, technologies, or open borders. You should avoid making deals that are unfavorable or exploitative for you or them.

Be prepared for war

War is inevitable in Unciv. Sooner or later, you will have to face hostile civilizations that want to conquer your lands, destroy your wonders, or prevent your victory. You will also have to deal with barbarians that spawn randomly and attack your units and cities.

You should try to be prepared for war by building a strong and diverse army of units that can fight on land, sea, or air. You should also try to build defensive structures such as walls, castles, arsenals, and military bases. You should avoid being too aggressive or warmongering, as this can make other civilizations hate you and form coalitions against you.


Unciv is a free, open-source remake of Civilization V that you can play on your iOS device. It is a fun and challenging game that lets you create and lead your own civilization from the ancient times to the modern era. You can download and play Unciv by following the steps in this article. You can also use the tips and tricks in this article to improve your gameplay and achieve victory. If you are looking for a turn-based strategy game that is similar to Civilization V but with some added features and advantages, you should definitely give Unciv a try.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Unciv:

  • Q: Is Unciv safe to download and play?

  • A: Yes, Unciv is safe to download and play. It does not contain any viruses, malware, or spyware. It also does not require any permissions or access to your personal data.

  • Q: How often is Unciv updated?

  • A: Unciv is updated regularly by the developers and the community. You can check the changelog on GitHub or in the game settings to see the latest updates and features.

  • Q: How can I support Unciv?

  • A: You can support Unciv by donating to the developers on Patreon or PayPal. You can also support Unciv by contributing to its development on GitHub or by creating and sharing mods for the game.

  • Q: How can I contact the developers of Unciv?

  • A: You can contact the developers of Unciv by sending an email to or by joining the Discord server.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about Unciv?

  • A: You can find more information about Unciv on the official website, the GitHub page, the Wiki page, or the Reddit page.


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