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How Pyaar Ka Punchnama Hindi Movie 720p Made Me Laugh and Cry

Pyaar Ka Punchnama: A Hilarious Take on Modern Relationships

If you are looking for a comedy movie that will make you laugh out loud and also make you think about your own relationship, then you should watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama. This movie is a 2011 Bollywood film directed by Luv Ranjan and starring Kartik Aaryan, Raayo S. Bakhirta, Divyendu Sharma, Nushrat Bharucha, Sonnalli Seygall, and Ishita Raj Sharma. It tells the story of three friends who fall in love with three different girls and face various troubles in their relationships. The movie is a satire on how love can turn into frustration and misery for young men who are trapped by their demanding and manipulative girlfriends.


Pyaar Ka Punchnama is not your typical romantic comedy. It is a dark comedy that exposes the flaws and contradictions of modern love. It shows how men are often victimized by women who use them for their money, time, and emotions. It also shows how men are unable to express their feelings or stand up for themselves due to social pressure and fear of losing their partners. The movie is a refreshing and realistic take on how relationships work in today's world.

In this article, we will give you a brief summary of the plot, review the strengths and weaknesses of the movie, and answer some frequently asked questions about it. We will also tell you where you can download or watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama hindi movie 720p online for free.

Plot Summary

Pyaar Ka Punchnama follows the lives of three friends who work in an IT company in Delhi. They are Nishant (Kartik Aaryan), Rajat (Raayo S. Bakhirta), and Vikrant (Divyendu Sharma). They are happy and carefree until they meet their respective girlfriends who change their lives forever.

Nishant and Charu: The co-worker romance that turns sour

Nishant is a smart and hard-working software engineer who falls for his colleague Charu (Nushrat Bharucha). Charu is a beautiful and ambitious girl who wants to become a successful writer. She pretends to be interested in Nishant and uses him to get her work done. She also makes him spend money on her and do her favors. She constantly lies to him and cheats on him with her ex-boyfriend Varun. Nishant is too blind to see her true colors and believes that she loves him. He sacrifices his career, friends, and self-respect for her. He even agrees to move in with her despite his parents' objections. However, he soon realizes that Charu is only using him and dumps him.

Rajat and Neha: The high-maintenance girlfriend who drives him crazy

Rajat is a fun-loving and outgoing guy who falls for Neha (Sonnalli Seygall). Neha is a sweet and innocent girl who works in a call center. She seems to be the perfect girlfriend for Rajat. She makes him happy and supports him in everything. However, she also becomes very possessive and demanding of him. She wants him to spend all his time with her and give up his hobbies and friends. She also nags him about his habits and lifestyle. She makes him feel guilty and insecure about their relationship. Rajat tries to cope with her expectations and complaints, but he soon gets fed up and breaks up with her.

Vikrant and Rhea: The mysterious girl who hides a big secret

Vikrant is a shy and introverted guy who falls for Rhea (Ishita Raj Sharma). Rhea is a glamorous and mysterious girl who works in a fashion store. She charms Vikrant with her beauty and personality. She also introduces him to her rich and influential friends. Vikrant feels lucky to have her as his girlfriend. However, he also feels insecure and jealous of her lifestyle and social circle. He suspects that she is hiding something from him. He discovers that she is actually married to a wealthy businessman named Varun (who is also Charu's ex-boyfriend). Rhea has been lying to Vikrant about her identity and marital status. Vikrant confronts her and ends their relationship.


Pyaar Ka Punchnama is a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and relate to the characters. It is a movie that will show you the reality of love and relationships in today's world. Here are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the movie:

The comedy: How the movie makes fun of the problems faced by young couples

One of the main strengths of the movie is its comedy. The movie has many hilarious scenes and situations that will make you laugh out loud. The movie makes fun of the common problems faced by young couples, such as communication issues, trust issues, compatibility issues, etc. The movie also shows how men are often clueless and helpless when it comes to dealing with women. The movie has some iconic scenes, such as the one where Rajat delivers a long rant about his girlfriend's behavior, or the one where Nishant tries to break up with Charu over the phone, or the one where Vikrant finds out about Rhea's secret. The movie has a lot of humor and sarcasm that will keep you entertained throughout.

The dialogues: How the movie delivers witty and memorable lines

Another strength of the movie is its dialogues. The movie has some witty and memorable lines that will stick with you long after you watch it. The movie has some catchy phrases, such as "Problem yeh hai ki woh ladki hai" (The problem is that she is a girl), or "Pyaar ka punchnama kar diya hai tumne" (You have done a post-mortem of love), or "Ladkiyon ko samajhna matlab hydrogen bomb ko solve karna" (Understanding girls is like solving a hydrogen bomb). The movie also has some funny insults, such as "Tumhari girlfriend ka naam hai ya missile ka?" (Is your girlfriend's name or a missile's?), or "Tumhare jaise ladke ko ladkiyan sirf ATM machine samajhti hai" (Girls think of boys like you as ATM machines), or "Tumhari girlfriend ka naam kya hai? Chudail?" (What is your girlfriend's name? Witch?). The movie has some sharp and witty dialogues that will make you laugh and think. b70169992d


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