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Buy Solar Panels Direct

Half-cut solar cells are also more efficient in shade. Panels with half-cut cells require double the wiring, so a shaded cell with lower output is less likely to impact the panel's overall production capabilities.

buy solar panels direct

Because every home is different, the total number of solar panels needed for your residence will also vary. Remember to factor in the price of inverters, racking, other parts and equipment and installation costs.

At GoGreenSolar, we'll work with you to determine a solar panel setup that fits your budget and energy needs. When you buy solar panels from us, you'll also receive end-to-end installation support from our in-house team so you don't have to spend thousands of dollars hiring a professional.

A performance warranty guarantees that your solar panel will continue to produce close to its intended output throughout the warranty period. All panels, regardless of brand or wattage, decrease output over time, but typically don't lose more than 10 to 20% over 25 years.

To understand how power output degradation works, refer to the graph on the right. In this example, we have a solar panel with a 90% power output warranty for 12 years and an 80% power output warranty for 25 years.

Our guarantee does not apply to installations on unsafe structures, unpermitted structures, ground mounts, structural engineering, structures not constructed to local building codes and other atypical building designs. This guarantee only applies to our standard solar system kits, it does not apply to custom orders or solar systems not designed by our engineers.

Solar panels convert sunshine into renewable electricity. They come in all shapes and sizes, from durable thin-film solar panels to rigid aluminium-framed crystalline solar panels. Most solar panels for sale come with a 25 year power output warranty so you can be sure your investment will last well into the future. We carry solar panels from major manufacturers including Canadian Solar, SolarWorld USA, Silfab, Panasonic and LG Solar Panels.

An investment in solar power today for your home or business protects you from rate hikes by utility companies and locks in your electricity rates. The right type of solar array can also provide you power during a power outage. Costs for going solar keep dropping, and with available financing options, home solar arrays have become something every home owner can afford.

Solar is relatively straightforward, but it can be overwhelming at first. If you're thinking about buying solar panels but aren't sure where to start, give our solar experts a call at 888-899-3509 x1. They will walk you through the process of sizing a solar array and ensure you have all the right bits and pieces for your home. If you're a Southern California resident, they can even help you find a local installer. We also offer pre-sized solar panel kits for common applications.

We are an online retailer of solar panels, solar accessories, and energy efficiency products located in north San Diego County. If you are in the Southern California area and are interested in picking up an order or just coming in to say hello, please give us a call at 888-899-3509.

The most common source for solar panels is a solar company, which serves as a certified dealer and installer of solar products from major manufacturers. If you have friends, family, or neighbors that recently installed solar panels, you might have opted for this route.

You can buy all solar energy parts individually or opt for a solar power system kit. These systems include all components for different setup options, including off-grid and grid-tie solar power systems.

Solar panels vary in length and width and are typically less than 2 inches thick. As their power output has increased over the years, so too has their physical footprint (length x width). While some panels available today can be lifted and moved around by just one person, more and more are becoming large enough to require two people to maneuver them. The largest panels (8 feet long or panels that ship on 8-foot pallets) are long enough to incur an oversize shipping charge from many shipping carriers. You can read more about the increasing size of solar panels on our blog.

The number of solar panels you will need depends primarily upon the amount of electricity you are trying to produce and the insolation in your area. Solar insolation can be thought of as the number of hours in the day that the solar panel will produce its rated output. This is not equivalent to the number of daylight hours. Check out our Solar Insolation Map for the USA.

Please keep in mind that solar panels produce electricity and should not be used to produce electricity for heating or cooling sources. If heating is your main issue, explore the resources on this website for Solar Air Heaters and Solar Water Heaters in the Other Renewables section here in our Resource Library. Solar air heating and solar water heating are examples of solar thermal technologies which produce heat but not electricity (and are much more cost-effective than solar panels). While solar electric panels are not an economically feasible choice to power your air conditioning, a solar panel can power an attic fan that can help reduce the amount of time you use your AC.

Solar panels themselves last for decades and require little to no maintenance. Many of the first solar panels produced in the 50s are still in use today. Most solar panels manufactured today have a 25-year warranty on power production. A typical warranty states that the panels will produce at least 80% of their rated power after 25 years.

In addition to the solar panel mounting hardware, there are additional components that you will need for a safe installation. Suppose you plan on using just one solar panel in a battery-based system (an off-grid system). In that case, you will need a solar charge controller and overcurrent protection to protect each significant component of your system: solar panels, solar charge controller, deep cycle batteries, and inverter. If you plan on using more solar panels in your system, you will also need to safely wire the photovoltaic solar panels together and to the charge controller. An easy and safe way to do this is by using MC (multi-contact) connectors. These connectors connect to the cables coming from the solar panel and can be cut in half to expose bare wire. Combiner & pass-through boxes collect the bare ends of the wire from multiple solar panels; then, from the combiner box, you can run just one set of wires to the solar charge controller. You will need an appropriate-sized breaker for each series string of solar panels.

For more than two decades, altE has been a leading provider of solar components for residential and commercial solar panel installation, making it easy to source and plan your system at a reasonable price. When it comes to solar energy expertise, no other company can compare.

If you want more details about how to design your renewable energy system, you can connect with our team for one-on-one support anytime. Call our expert solar staff at altE, Monday through Friday at 877-878-4060, with any questions you may have about buying solar panels.

Our complete grid-tied solar systems are perfect for the contractor competing for a bid or the homeowner avoiding the exorbitant costs of a solar system installation company. The sales engineers on our staff have many years of experience and can design any complete solar system for residential or commercial applications. Our remote industrial solar systems are designed to reliably power our clients critical loads in remote locations.

All our systems are designed with Tier 1 Quality solar modules from manufacturers like: REC, LG, Hanwha Q Cell, Canadian Solar Panasonic, Solaria and many others. We supply quality industrial solar modules for remote applications, and for our MAPPS Class 1 Div 2 PV systems. Roof and ground mounting kits are available by Prosolar, Uni-Rac, Ironridge, SnapNrack, and many others. Inverter choices include: Fronius, SMA Sunny Boy, Schneider Electric, Solectria Renewables, Enphase Energy, Outback Power and our preferred inverter manufacturer SolarEdge.

Buy your I'M.SOLAR solar panel directly from your manufacturer. Eco-responsible solar panel with a European production, I'M.SOLAR offers you the best quality, performance and price. Discover the complete range of solar panels and order online. The I'M.SOLAR solar panel allows to save on your electricity bill by making self-consumption. Plug your solar panel directly onto your home and become a self-producer. Ecology allows you to manage your energy, don't hesitate any more and go now to I'M.SOLAR for your photovoltaic projects.

Green energy is becoming increasingly popular as it is one of the best eco-friendly energy solutions for homeowners. A solar panel is a group of electrically connected solar cells enclosed in a frame that converts sunlight into electricity. Switching to solar energy has many advantages. Find out more about solar panels in this article:

A solar panel converts sunlight into electricity or heat. Solar energy can be used to power a house or building. A solar panel is made out of many small solar cells. They are combined to cover a large surface in order to produce enough electricity. The more light the cell is exposed to, the more electricity or heat it produces.

Solar thermal systems operate on the basis of the solar heating process. They absorb energy from the sun, and convert it into heat that can be transferred to a home or business building for heating or water heating. The heat is generated by solar panels (collectors) on the roof.

A solar panel (PV) consists of various photovoltaic solar cells. The cells are small and produce about 1 or 2 watts of power each. To get the most power out of them, the cells are connected to a larger unit: the solar module. The photovoltaic solar panel can be connected to another larger unit to form a grid that produces even more power. 041b061a72


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