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Eloisa was born in 1817 at Fort William, Ontario. Her mother, Marguerite, was the daughter of a Swiss fur trader and a First Nations woman whose name is unknown. Her father, Dr. John McLoughlin, was a rising star in the North West Company, a fur trading organization that rivaled the powerful Hudson's Bay Company. At the time of her birth, Eloisa joined an already-large family - she would likely have known three half-sisters from her mother's previous marriage (a half-brother from this marriage was already in the Pacific Northwest), a half-brother from her father's first marriage, older brother John, Jr., and older sister Eliza. The family would be completed in 1821 with the birth of Eloisa's younger brother, David.

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In 1821, the North West Company had effectively been absorbed by the Hudson's Bay Company in a merger that McLoughlin himself had helped negotiate in London. McLoughlin was promoted to "Chief Factor," then sent to the Pacific Northwest to establish Hudson's Bay Company operations in the region. A spot was chosen on the north bank of the Columbia River, and Fort Vancouver was built and christened in 1824. 041b061a72


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