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A retired Massachusetts State Police lieutenant confessed that he tipped off gangsters Stephen Flemmi and James "Whitey" Bulger to an ongoing investigation in a misguided effort to bolster his own ego, according to court records.


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2. What is sold is a package of exclusive truth claims. A focus on outreach necessarily goes hand in hand with a certain kind of theology. The recruiting efforts would be pointless if there were many paths to God. The message of the recruiting is that there is only one path to God: being cleansed by the blood of Jesus. Interspiritual or interfaith perspectives are wrong, and adherents need to be wooed from their misguided beliefs to the Righteousness.

Robson-Cramer's intonations locate Magic Weapon in a mythical realm, but his antiquarian leanings run head-first into the post-modern via "Blood Songs", where he pricks himself and bleeds blue, railing against charlatans who phone in meaningless, pre-fab indignation for rent check money. Appropriately for someone so swathed in sincerity, Robson-Cramer goes scorched-earth against those who opt for the ironic as a misguided strategy of "embracing all the worthless" which follows "the tune of all misguided exclamations." I probably shouldn't expect anything less than archaic fire and brimstone rhetoric from a record titled Residue Hymns, of course; but it also results, more often than not, in the music itself resonating as warmly as a weathered limestone monument.

I also thought the program was interesting, It was flawed, some things it explained well, some arguments were quite balanced and others were not. I think on the whole it managed to show a more balanced and educational viewpoint than the public is used to through the media and tabloids.I was especially pleased that the program managed to give some of the background of the ECHR and the fact that it was and always has been in essence a British Bill of Rights in itself that was given wider European acceptance. It was also interesting to see Dominic grieve actually defending quite strongly the convention and its continued relevance, which kind of undermined the British Bill of Rights nonsense. Oh and the explanation of the irrelevance today of Magna Carta was good dispelling some of the freeman of the land guff that continues to float around.I did find it amusing where at one point Andrew claimed (while quaffing champaign) to love Europe, and how he likes to visit there often. Given the fact that he is in Europe of which the UK is a part despite our isolation by 25 miles of channel, I think in that one statement he said more on his and possibly the public true feeling on Europe than anywhere else in the program, the fact that many people do not feel that the UK is part of Europe at all, and that perhaps where be where some of the public resentment comes from, misguided as it may be by political and media spin and rhetoric.Overall, an enjoyable and relevant watch.

As a child in that hellfire-and-brimstone Lutheran church, the minister scared me every Sunday with his tales of the wrath of a vengeful, stern deity. Frightened, I wondered what terrible thing a small boy like me could do to bring down such anger and retribution.

That's true in some parts of the West, say Baker and Williams, a recent Ph.D. student, but not everywhere; many dry forests throughout the region historically were more dense and prone to severe fires. They also disagree with the idea that thinning and prescribed burns can prevent such fires. That kind of treatment, applied in the wrong places, is not only misguided, they say, but could do more harm than good.

At the time, the plan was mostly ignored. It was also criticized for being vague, timid, and complex. Among the fire-and-brimstone pronouncements of the fringe candidates, 87-pages of just-right-of-center economic policies don't generate big headlines.

(The idea that corporations will use the money they're saving on taxes to make new investments and hire more people is misguided. It is based on fundamental misunderstanding--or misrepresentation--of what is wrong with the economy. Corporate profit margins are already at record highs, and corporations have cash coming out of their ears. If corporations could generate a great return by making more investments and hiring more people, they would already be doing this. But the corporations aren't doing that. Why not? Because their customers--consumers--are still hurting.)

Danny Boyle, the director of Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, has brought his off-center perspective to this story. Armed with a screenplay written by Alex Garland, Boyle's vision of humanity's twilight has mankind wiped out not by fire, brimstone, and nuclear fallout, but by disease. The living are divided into two categories: the infected, who are more like mindless zombies than human beings, and the survivalists, who eschew making plans, realizing that "staying alive is as good as it gets." The allegorical nature of the movie is impossible to miss. And Boyle touches upon such potentially weighty matters as the fundamental difference between man and beast, and whether human beings are natural killers.

"A novel full of completely unredeemable characters and pages of gibberish the author, who could learn a thing or two by reading the Bible, clearly projects as what he thinks a neo-scientific God might say, but sadly, actually embodies the very real ideas of a modern-day Satan - in fact, I kept reading hoping that in the end, the book would redeem itself by admitting this so-called 'voice of God' was really the voice of the Enemy. But no such luck. Had the bad and misguided 'fanatics' and 'religious people' been balanced with some form of true Christian sanity, it would have been bearable to accept Spates, Crawley & Eddy as the true villains - but the problem is, there is no one else to pull for, so you just pray the whole mountain blows up and no one survives. Unfortunately - they do and we are spared nothing. Yuk - just plain yuk." 041b061a72


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